Studentenwerk Potsdam

Social. Personal. Reliable.

With its various social services, the Studentenwerk Potsdam provides the framework for successful studies. We take care of more than 30.000 students at universities in Potsdam, Brandenburg an der Havel and Wildau. No matter whether it is about offering a healthy lunch, providing affordable accommodations, helping with BAföG applications, giving advice in difficult times or helping to find a job - we are here to support you!

On the basis of the Regulation on the Establishment of Studentenwerke dated September 18th 1990, we started our work as the Studentenwerk Potsdam on January 1st 1991. We are an institution under public law with the right to self-government. Our institutions and bodies are: The Board of Directors, the Managing Director, the Staff Council and the Canteen Committee.

Our first headquarter was located in the Breite Straße 9-11. We then moved to the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße and finally found our current location in the arcades of the main station in Potsdam (Babelsberger Straße 2).

The history of the first German Studentenwerk goes back to the year 1921.


We endeavour to constantly optimize our work and to achieve the best performance - completely in line with our students’ interests. This is why regular meetings are held by our various institutions and bodies to discuss current challenges and trends. These dialogues are fundamental for necessary changes and adjustments that enable the Studentenwerk Potsdam to remain modern and viable for the future. To understand the wishes and needs of the aspiring academics, there are student representatives in various bodies. 

Tasks & Objectives

The Board of Directors advises and decides on matters of the Studentenwerk that are of fundamental importance unless otherwise provided for in law or the statutes. It is in particular responsible for:

  • the establishment of principles on the activities of the Studentenwerk and the development of its facilities,
  • the enactment of the statute and of the contribution regulations as well as the determination of the amount of the contribution,
  • the enactment of the regulations concerning the use of facilities managed by the Studentenwerk,
  • the selection of the managing director as well as her or his appointment and dismissal after obtaining the consent of the competent member of the state government,the passing of a resolution concerning the draft version of the business plan as well as monitoring the compliance with the business plan,
  • the receipt and approval of the annual financial statements as well as discharging to the managing director and
  • the approval of the acquisition, sale, encumbrance of property and property rights, taking out loans and assuming guarantees, unless this concerns ongoing business.

Decisions of the Board of Directors






Voting Members of the Board of Directors

  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Schmidt (University of Potsdam), Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Kilian Binder (University of Potsdam, Student)
  • Tobias Brandl (University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Student)
  • Luzie Freitag (University of Potsdam, Student)
  • Zabair Ghafoor (Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Student)
  • Martin Jank (Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Chancellor)
  • Thomas Lehne (Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Chancellor)
  • Dr. Sonja Rademacher (Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg)
  • Willy Seemann (Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Student)
  • Gerlinde Reich (University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Chancellor)
  • Rita Strasburger (Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Student)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Wilms (Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, President)

Members of the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity   

  • Karsten Gerlof (University of Potsdam, Chancellor)
  • Steffen Kissinger (Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Chancellor)
  • Jörg Lippmann (Studentenwerk Potsdam, Representative of the staff of the Studentenwerk Potsdam)

Managing Director of the Studentenwerk Potsdam
Peter Heiß

Meeting of the Board of Directors in 2021

Next meeting: 22.02.2021 (14.06.2021 / 22.11.2021)

Deadline for student project applications: 11.01.2021 (03.05.2021 / 11.10.2021)

Tasks, objectives & members

In May 2002, the Studentenwerk set up the Canteen Committee and created a body that brings together guests of the canteens and the producers of the meals. This group discusses current issues such as food safety, the selection and quality of meals, the purchasing management and any requests and suggestions.

The Canteen Committee meets once every semester, when convened by the Managing Director.
It consists of members of the student parliaments and the  AStAs of the universities, other employees and the canteen managers of the university locations, the head of the department for canteens and cafeteria and central buyers.

Chairwoman: Karolin Kozur

The staff council is the representative of the totality of all employees. Its task is to represent their interests and concerns. Therefore, its seven members are always engaged in a constructive dialogue with the management if internal processes of the Studentenwerk are concerned that affect regulations on services and working relationships.

The Staff Committee holds ordinary meetings regularly to discuss issues such as new hires, the removal of time limitations and internal processes.

On the one hand our activities are financed by our own earnings from the canteens, cafeterias and residential halls, to name the largest parts; on the other hand we are financed by the financial assistance from the state of Brandenburg and by the semester contribution of the students.

The money is used to finance the core tasks of the Studentenwerk. In addition, it it used to finance activities and projects for social, health, sports and cultural services, contributions to associations and the students accident insurance for leisure time, the loan funds of the Studentenwerk Potsdam (hard case loans, graduate loans) and grants for students who are involuntary in need. When and where these contributions have to be paid and who is exempted from the obligation to pay the contributions is specified in the contribution regulations of the Studentenwerk Potsdam.

Every student, who studies at a university within our area of responsibility pays a contribution of 50 euros per semester. This will be collected by the responsible university when you matriculate, re-register or take a leave of absence.

What do we spend your money on? And what do you get out of it?
With your contribution you pay for our service which is equally beneficial for all students. We fulfil our social mandate with the services we offer.

Find out more:

Contribution Regulations (DE)

Your contribution goes to:

  • the supply of affordable accommodations for students
  • the renovation and modernisation of our accommodations in the residential halls
  • the preparation of self cooked, affordable meals in one of our canteens
  • the promotion of cultural student projects
  • the fees for memberships to different associations and the students accident insurance for leisure time (link to social counselling)
  • the loan association (hardship loans, graduate loans)
  • allowances to students who are involuntary in need

You will get a refund if you withdraw or revoke your enrolment before the semester, for which the contribution has already been paid, begins. To get the refund you need to fill in, print and sign the form below and submit it to the Studentenwerk. Your entitlement to refund ceases if the form is not submitted until the end of the semester for which the contribution has been paid. You are not entitled to partial repayments.

Please note:
The submission necessarily must include the respective proof for the reason for exemption.

Application form for the refund of the semester contribution

There is the possibility to exempt you from the obligation to pay contributions for one or more semesters. However, this only applies to students who are on leave due to:

  • completing the federal voluntary service
  • illness
  • studying abroad or staying abroad to promote their studies (this only applies if the stay abroad is proven to last at least 5 months during a regular semester).

You must submit the application to us in writing before the amount is due. The application must include the proof that no social services by the Studentenwerk will be made use of during the requested period. In case you are to be exempted due to illness, the inability to study must additionally be proven by submitting a medical certificate.

Please note: The submission necessarily must include the respective proof for the reason for exemption.

Application form for the exemption from the obligation to pay the semester contribution

Mitarbeiterporträt von Karolin Kozur
Karolin Kozur
Social counsellor
room: 4.19
+49 331 3706-254
Babelsberger Straße 2

Regarding tendering and the award of contracts we, as a public-law institution, adhere to the German Regulations on Contract Awards for Public Supplies and Services (VOL) as well as to the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB).

Our actual tenders you will find at Vergabemarktplatz des Landes Brandenburg.


Anett Wallasch
Frank Scholz