From February 1, reusable dishes in all canteens

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On Tuesday, February 1, 2022, we will introduce a new reusable system in all our canteens. Since December, our guests in the Mensa Am Neuen Palais have had the option of taking their food with them in Relevo to-go dishes. Now we are introducing the deposit-free reusable system across the board.

Please note: Only those who download the Relevo app and register before ordering for the first time in the canteen can make use of the reusable system.

Download the app here: Google Play | App Store
Disposable takeaway containers will no longer be used. But you can still bring your own cups and containers and continue to use them.

Here is how it works: 

1. Registration: Download the Relevo app and register (free of charge). Registration is necessary because this is the only way the system can recognize that you are participating in the system and which reusable containers you have borrowed. Only the personal data that is absolutely necessary for the use of the reusable system is collected. Further information on data protection can be found on Relevo's website. The Studentenwerk Potsdam itself does not collect any personal data. Nor do we have access to the data processed by the reservation process in the app.

2. Order your meal:
Order your meal at the serving counter in Relevo's reusable dishes. To do so, please place the dishes on the serving counter, scan the code, and then have the food filled. Dessert trays and cups for hot and cold drinks can be removed and scanned independently. It is possible to scan several containers one after the other.

After all QR codes on the dishes have been scanned, show scan confirmation on smartphone at cash desk and complete checkout.

4. Return:
Return the dishes during our opening hours in one of our canteens or any other Relevo partner within 14 days. A QR code is placed on the return belt. It must be scanned before placing the dish on the belt.

We are happy to answer your questions!

How much does it cost?
Relevo is completely free of charge and no deposit applies. All users have to do is download the Relevo app to their smartphone from Google Play or the App Store and register. At the serving counter, the reusable dishes must then be scanned in the app.

Please note: To avoid costs, Relevo reusable dishes must be returned within 14 days. You will be reminded of the deadline during these two weeks both in the app and by email. This deadline can be extended once by 5 days within the app. After that, Relevo will charge €10 for a bowl not returned on time and €5 for a cup. If not returned, they are considered purchased. This allows for a constant cycle.

Where can I return the Relevo dishes?
The reusable dishes can be returned to any Studentenwerk Potsdam canteen. To do so, simply scan the QR code placed on the return belt, follow the instructions in the app, and place the dishes on a tray on the belt. However, the return can also be made at any other Relevo partner nationwide.

Can someone else return my Relevo dishes?

Yes. The person representing you must also have the Relevo app loaded on their smartphone and scan the QR code of your Relevo dishes. The app will ask if you want the dishes to be taken over. If the person agrees to take over, they are responsible for returning the dishes in a timely manner and can return the borrowed Relevo containers to the return stations for you.

Do I need to rinse the Relevo reusable dishes before returning them?
No. You can simply return the used reusable dishes by scanning the QR code at the return station in the canteen. We will then collect the containers, rinse them, and return them to the reusable cycle in a hygienic and clean manner.

Can I participate if I don't have a smartphone with Internet access or do not want to download the app?
Unfortunately, no. It is necessary to use the app in order to use the reusable system. However, you can still bring your own takeaway containers and cups.

How sustainable is the reusable tableware?
Even if the currently used disposable packaging is selected according to sustainability aspects and is compostable, the individual components are difficult if not impossible to separate and dispose of according to type. Relevo trays are stable, leak-proof and heat-resistant and can be reused over 1,000 times. The used and possibly damaged dishes can then be shredded and made into new bowls and cups. The material is fully recyclable.

What are the reusable food containers made of?
The Relevo containers are produced by ORNAMIN and are 100 percent made in Germany. During production, non-food-grade plasticizers, heavy metal-based color pigments and bisphenol A are not used. The reusable articles are made of food-safe materials. The high-quality thermoplastic is dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

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