BAföG to be reformed in fall 2024

|   BAföG & Finances

There are plans for higher allowances, flexible semesters and start-up aid

The Federal Cabinet (Bundeskabinett) passed the 29th BAföG change on March 6, 2024. The most important elements of the draft law are:

  • Introduction of a study start-up grant (Studienstarhilfe) of 1,000 euros for young people from benefit communities within the meaning of SGB II or with similar social benefit entitlements (e.g. Wohngeld, Bürgergeld, Kinderzuschlag) for initial equipment during their studies - the application modalities for the study start-up grant are not yet known
  • Introduction of a flexibility semester, which can be used once without further requirements beyond the maximum funding period of the respective degree program
  • Extension of the period within which a change of study specialization can be made
  • Increase in allowances on the income of parents and spouse or partner of the beneficiary (Freibeträge)
  • Adjustment of the allowance for own income up to the "mini-job limit" applicable from 2025 (€ 556)
  • Adjustment of the repayment installments from € 130 to € 150 per rate (max. 77 rates to be paid = max. € 11,550)

Once the whole process has been completed, the changes are expected to come into force for the 2024/25 winter semester. We will keep students up to date, especially with regard to applying for study start-up aid. Further information is also available from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).