The coronavirus and student housing

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Here is what you need to know (FAQ)

Status: 23.03.2022

Information on entering Germany from risk areas

I have rented a room in the dormitory and am currently abroad. What do I need to consider when I travel back to Germany?

The Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations (Coronavirus-Einreiseverordnung – CoronaEinreiseV) regulates a uniform, nation-wide obligation to register, quarantine and furnish proof, as well as a ban on carriage from areas of variants of concern. You are entering the state of Brandenburg and have visited a risk area  or virus variant area within 10 days before entering (see risk areas (DE))? Then you will have to go into a 10-day or 14 day quarantine (virus variant area)directly after your entry. Ending quarantine in the case of high-risk areas: Home quarantine can be ended early by submitting proof of vaccination or recovery or a negative test result via the upload portal of the Digital Registration on Entry. Quarantine ends the moment such proof is submitted. If proof of recovery or vaccination is already submitted before entry, no quarantine is necessary. When a test result is transmitted, the test may not have been conducted earlier than five days after entry. You cannot quarantine in the hall of residence!

Office hours and availability

Many facilities on the campus are currently closed. Does this also affect the dormitories?

The Studentenwerk's residence halls are open at all university locations. There are also moves and relocations. However, all generally used sports, party and study rooms as well as sports and barbecue areas are currently closed. Study rooms in which the applicable distance regulations can be implemented remain open.

How can I contact the housing department?

The personal office hours on site are currently not available. Instead, you can reach the employees* during telephone consultation hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 9 am - 11.30 am

Tuesday and Thursday: 1 pm - 3 pm

You can also contact us by e-mail at wohnen[at] 

Many questions, such as those regarding rental conditions, allocation instructions, etc., can also be clarified by reading our FAQ.

How can I contact the caretakers?

The caretakers can preferably be reached by phone or e-mail. If you contact them personally, please wear a mouth-and-nose protection and keep the necessary distance.

Do I have to let the caretaker into my apartment, e.g. for repairs? How are apartment handovers managed?

Room handovers and take-overs are currently handled without direct contact. Details are to be clarified with the caretaker of the respective residence hall by e-mail or telephone. Repairs that do not serve an urgent purpose must be postponed until after the pandemic. However, in case of necessary repairs, maintenance or conversion work, access to the apartment must be granted.

I am currently not on site to sign my rental contract or return the keys. What can I do?

If you are not on site at the moment, you can use a power of attorney to name a person who will, for example, receive the keys for you or, when you move out, hand them over for you and receive the acceptance protocol. The sample power of attorney (DE) provided by the Studentenwerk is for orientation purposes only and is not liable for any damages that may result.

Conclusion of contract

I have received a housing offer and would like to sign a rental contract. How do I proceed?

  • I confirm the offer by e-mail and simultaneously return a copy of my identity card/passport/residence permit and my certificate of study for the winter semester 2020/21. (Note: The copy of your identity card/passport/residence permit is for identification purposes only and will be destroyed immediately after verification).
  • I will transfer the deposit within the set payment deadline.
  • After receipt of your deposit and verification of your personal data we will send you the rental contract including all attachments by e-mail. Please return both copies fully signed to Studentenwerk Potsdam, Abteilung Wohnen, Babelsberger Straße 2, 14473 Potsdam
  • Upon receipt we will contact you regarding the issue of keys. Please understand that there may be some delays at the moment.

Hygiene measures and handling regulations

What measures is the Studentenwerk Potsdam taking to contain the pandemic in the residence halls?

What can I do myself to help implement the hygienic recommendations in my residence hall?

Quarantine and COVID 19 cases in the dormitories

I am ill with COVID 19. Do I have to report this to the dormitory administration?

Quarantine orders for sick persons and, if necessary, roommates and other contact persons are issued by the responsible health authority. However, we ask sick tenants to send us a message so that we can take further measures to protect the residents and the janitors. Should you also need help (e.g. with shopping), we will be happy to offer you support if possible. In this case, the dormitory tutors can also be contacted.

If home quarantine has been ordered, we recommend a leaflet from the Robert Koch Institute on coronavirus infection and the associated home quarantine. If you are ill with COVID 19 please follow the instructions for self-isolation.

I have terminated my rental contract with the Studentenwerk Potsdam for my one-bedroom apartment and must actually move out next week. Now I am ill with Covid-19 or I am under quarantine. Do I have to move out?

No. In this situation we do not ask you to leave your apartment! Even now, the enforcement law already says: The tenant's right to physical integrity takes precedence over the landlord's interest in eviction. Since all people are called upon to act in solidarity and to drastically reduce contacts, the tenant cannot be obliged to move out - also for the protection of others. This also applies if you live in an apartment or a room in a shared apartment or for subletting on the free housing market.

Rent payments

I have lost my part-time job and my parents, who support me financially, are currently receiving short-time work benefits and can support me less. From next month on, I will no longer be able to pay the rent for my dormitory place. Do I have to expect to be dismissed now?

  • Basically, the contractual obligation to pay the rent remains for you. If you have difficulties paying your rent on time, please contact us. We will try to find a solution.
  • In addition to a deferral or an agreement to pay the rent in installments, you could also apply for housing allowance (Wohngeld) or BAföG. Due to the current situation, however, there are usually other options for obtaining financial support. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.