The coronavirus and student housing

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Here is what you need to know (FAQ)

Information on entering Germany from risk areas

Students who come to Germany from international risk areas for an infection with COVID 119 (see risk areas) and who have rented or will rent a room in a residence hall of the Studentenwerk Potsdam, CANNOT spend the ordered 14-day quarantine period in our residence halls!

The reason for this is the incalculable risk of infection of the flatmates by the COVID19 virus. You can find further current Information under: Information from the Federal Ministry of Health

Many facilities on campus are currently closed. Does this also affect the dormitories?

The residence halls of the Studentenwerk remain open. Removals are also taking place. However, common areas (party and study rooms, barbecue and sports areas) can not be accessed during the pandemic.

How can I contact the Housing Department?
We do not offer personal consultation on-site until further notice, however, you can contact us by phone from Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 3 pm and on Friday between 9 am and 2 pm. You can also send an e-mail to wohnen[at]
Please also read our student housing FAQ.

How can I contact the caretakers?
The caretakers cannot be consulted at the moment. You can however call or email them.

I have received a housing offer and would like to sign a rental agreement. How do I proceed?

  • Please confirm the offer by e-mail and simultaneously send us a copy of your identity card/passport/residence permit and your enrolment certificate (summer semester 2020). Please note: The copy of your identity card/passport/residence permit is for identification purposes only and will be destroyed immediately after verification.
  • Transfer the deposit within the set payment deadline.
  • After we have received your deposit and checked your personal data, we will send you the rental contract including all attachments by e-mail. Please return both copies fully signed to Studentenwerk Potsdam, Abteilung Wohnen, Babelsberger Straße 2, 14473 Potsdam.
  • Upon receipt we will contact you regarding the issue of the keys. Please understand that there may be some delays at present.

I am not on site right now to sign my rental agreement or return the keys. What can I do?

In this case you can use a power of attorney to name a person who will receive the keys for you or, when you move out, hand them over for you and receive the acceptance certificate. Here you can download a sample, which is for orientation purposes only and is not liable for any damage that may result.

Which measures does the Studentenwerk Potsdam take to contain the pandemic in the residence halls?

  • We have put up posters in the residence halls to inform about the most important protective and hygienic measures.
  • The Cleaning companies are advised to also disinfect door handles and elevator buttons.

What can I do to contain the pandemic?

  • Please keep the common areas such as bathrooms and kitchens even cleaner than usual. Also, please use the kitchens only for cooking, but not as a common room. Make yourself familiar with hygiene tips.
  • Please refarin from parties, BBQs, sporting events and meetings with more than 2 people.
  • Please do not call guests to your apartment (except for already approved subtenants).

Due to the pandemic, I am no longer able to pay the rent for my dormitory place from next month on. Should I expect to be dismissed now?

  • In this situation you do not have to be afraid that your rental agrement will be cancelled. As a result of the current COVID 19 pandemic, it has been decided by law that
    during the next three months, limited to 30.6.2020, no notices of termination may be
    given if the rent payment difficulties have arisen as a result of the COVID 19
    pandemic.  This correlation must be credibly presented. Nevertheless, the
    contractual obligation to pay the rent remains in effect for you. Please contact us

I cannot charge my PUCK card at the moment. Can I still use the washing machines?

  • The payment terminals of the washing machines and dryers have been set at €0.01 per transaction for the period when the PUCK cards cannot be topped up. For reasons of hygiene, please do not overload the washing machines.

I have given notice to leave my dormitory as of 31.3.2020. Now I have to self-isolate. Do I have to move out?

  • No. Since everyone is called upon to act in solidarity and to drastically
    reduce contacts, you cannot be forced to move out. However, you have to let us know if you are tested positive for COVID-19, so we can take safety measures.

Do I have to let the caretaker or my landlord into my apartment, for example for
inspections or repairs?

  • Whether the caretaker or landlord is allowed to inspect your apartment depends on
    a prior consideration of the landlord's right of ownership and the student's right to
    privacy. In the event of a pandemic, your right to physical integrity must also
    be respected and is vital. Repairs etc. that are not urgent, must be postponed until after the pandemic. However, in the event of necessary repairs, for example a burst pipe, you must allow access to the apartment.

I was ordered to self-isolate. What do I have to consider when it comes to disposing rubbish?

I have rented a room in the dormitory and am currently abroad. What do I need to consider when I travel back to Germany?

Please adhere to the quarantine rules of the state of Brandenburg (DE). If you enter Brandenburg from regions at risk you are obliged to immediately self-isolate at home and stay there exclusively for 14 days. The Robert Koch Institute announces updated lists (DE).