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The new dormitory in Golm opened!

|   Housing

Dr. Martina Münch (MWFK) and Prof. Dr. Florian J. Schweigert (University Potsdam) on „roomtour“

In early November our new built dormitory on Campus Potsdam-Golm opended. By now the first students moved into the building.

On a tour of the new building on November 13th CEO of the Studentenwerk, Peter Heiß, introduced the different types of apartments.

Aboard where the minister for science, research and culture of the state of Brandenburg, Dr. Martina Münch, as well as the vice president for international affairs, alumni and fundraising of the University Potsdam, Prof. Dr. Florain J. Schweigert. As part of the tour two students granted view into their newly occupied apartment.

A total of 308 students will find space in the new building. At the moment two-third of all apartments are already occupied, more rental contracts will be concluded.

On completion of the exterior a official housewarming party is planned. By then all students on campus, as well as the university staff and local residents have the opportunity to learn about the new dormitory.

Kitchen in a one-room apartment
Bathroom with shower
Prof. Schweigert, Mr. Heiß und Dr. Münch talking to a student