A New Hall of Residence in the Heart of Potsdam

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Construction due to start in 2024

Student life is returning to Potsdam’s city: where the Fachhochschule Potsdam and one of our canteens once used to be, we are planning to build a hall of residence. Around 80 students will find a new and affordable home in the centre of Potsdam. The city provides us with the building plot for purchase, while the state of Brandenburg finances the construction costs in the form of grants and loans totaling 6 million euros.

Brandenburg's Minister of Science Dr. Manja Schüle, Potsdam's mayor Mike Schubert and our managing director, Peter Heiß, attended the symbolic handover of the building site next to the SLB Potsdam on December 21, 2021.

Construction on the project is scheduled to begin in 2024. Currently, the building site is being used as a storage area for the other construction activities taking place on the site. We are now starting the tendering process for the planning. The property allocation procedure, which is being carried out by Potsdam GmbH, provides, among other things, for different building concepts to be developed in a competitive process, which will then be evaluated by a jury of experts. The concept then selected will be implemented by the Studentenwerk. The designs developed in the procedure will be shown to the general public.

Symbolic Handover of the Construction Site. Attendants(f.l.t.r.): Peter Heiß (Studentenwerk Potsdam), Manja Schüle (MWFK), Mike Schubert (Stadt Potsdam) und Bert Nicke (Pro Potsdam GmbH)