For a secure and efficient BAföG application: As of now the BAföG office will no longer receive e-mails with attachments

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Use the online assistant BAföGdigital, the BAföG app or the postal service

As of now all e-mails with attachments, regardless of format, will no longer be accepted by the BAföG office. Incoming e-mails will be automatically rejected by the system and will not reach the recipient. Why? The transfer of data via e-mail is an unsecured communication channel and poses a risk for applicants. Rejecting e-mails with attachments makes sure that nobody can steal sensitive data.

This is how BAföG applications and documents can be submitted:

In order not to slow down the internal processes, please submit applications and related documents only via one of the mentioned communication channels. In addition, the use of BAföGdigital and the app BAföGdirekt have the advantage that applications and documents are automatically saved to the associated funding case - this speeds up processing times and thus benefits all students.

To use BAföGdigital, students only need an account; applications or missing documents can be uploaded easily.
Important: If the current (follow-up) application has already been submitted in paper form, missing documents can only be uploaded via the BAföGdirekt app (not via BAföGdigital) and by adding the personal BAföG ID number.

You have sent an e-mail with attachments to the BAföG office before 15.09.2023? Then you can assume that the mail has reached us and will be processed.

Never applied for BAföG before? Here you can find all the important information for first-time applicants.

Questions about BAföG? Here you can find an overview of the BAföG consultants and their telephone and personal office hours.