We are Introducing a Deposit Return System for Cups at Mensa Filmuniversität

|   Food

Starting Monday, July 26

The deposit cup comes to Mensa Filmuniversität! Starting July 26, our new reusable cups made of BPA- and melamine-free polypropylene start their first day of service with us. The cups are 100% recyclable and will be collected from us by the manufacturer after 800 - 1,000 rinses. After grinding, they will be reprocessed into new deposit cups.

What does that mean for you?

  • The 0.3-liter cups are available at the coffee machines and the soda station.
  • They can be returned via a deposit machine in the main foyer near the "Filmriss" cafeteria.
  • For your drinks you pay the same as before + 1,50 € cup deposit.
  • Disposable cups and porcelain cups will no longer be available. However, your own cups and mugs are still welcome.