Apply online for 200 € energy price allowance until September 30

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In November 2022, the federal government approved a one-off flat-rate energy payment of €200 for students.

Since March 15, 2023, it has been possible to apply for this one-off payment; more than 2,670,00 applications have been successfully submitted and the energy flat rate paid out yet. Around 30% of students have not yet claimed the €200 (as of June 2023).

To receive the money, students must register on the platform unitl 30.09. and submit an application there. There are extensive FAQs on the site. In most cases, a BundID account is required to register. The prerequisite for a BundID account is an online ID or a personal Elster certificate. Individual access data are also required. These were sent to students by the universities without being asked.

All students who were enrolled at a German higher education institution on 01.12.2022 will receive the one-off payment. This includes:

  • Part-time students
  • doctoral students
  • Internationals
  • Employed students (in a mini-job, as a working student or in a paid internship) who have received the flat-rate energy allowance for employees, paid by their employer.

In addition, students must be resident or ordinarily resident in Germany, that means that international students are also entitled to the one-off payment.

No taxes or duties are due on the one-off payment. It is not deducted from child benefit or social security contributions.

All students who have not yet applied for the one-off payment should do so by September 30, your wallet will be happy!