The Hardship Allowance of the Studentenwerk Potsdam

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Apply for a one-off assistance of 300 € now!

The hardship allowances of the Studentenwerke Potsdam and Frankfurt (Oder) have been increased by the state of Brandenburg by 500,000 €. The one-time aid of 300 € is aimed at students in a pandemic-related emergency situations, who have not received bridging aid from the federal emergency aid programme. This allowance will be paid out once only – it is not possible to apply again after payment has already been made.

Please note: The federal government's interim financial aid can be applied for online again from November 2020 to March 2021. If you are eligible for this assistance, please give priority to applying for bridging assistance.

Questions & Answers

1. Who is eligible to apply for the hardship allowance?

  • All students, who have fallen into financial distress due to a pandemic and who have received a rejection by the federal programme or who were not able to submit their application to the federal programme – provided that the rejection is not based on a violation of duties to cooperate.
  • Students, who have already received an allowance of 300 € from the Studentenwerk in 2020, are not eligible to apply.
  • Simultaneous payment from the one-time allowance and the bridging aid from the federal programme are not possible.

2. How do I apply for the one-off allowance? Which documents do I need for a complete application?

  • Fill in the form: one-off allowance
  • required documents:
    • student identity card or certificate of enrollment 
    • identity card or passport
    • bank statements of the last two months (starting the date of application) – this applies to all accounts, including savings and PayPal accounts
    • proof of a pandemic emergency
  • Send the completed form andincluding the scanned documents by e-mail to: einmalhilfe[at]  
  • Maximum size per e-mail: 20 MB

3. When can I apply for the allowance?
The application for the one-off allowance can be submitted from 11.08.2020. Applications can be submitted until the end of 2020.

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