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Kita on Wildau campus needs a name

Name competition: The best proposal wins a children's event package!

On 21 February, the kindergarten of Kinderwelt gGmbH opened its doors to the children of students and employees of TH Wildau. Up to 28 children between two months and 6-7 years can be looked after in the new facility.

Now the Kita is looking for a new name! Kinderwelt gGmbH invites everyone to take part in the name competition. You can win a children's event package including event childcare.


  • The name must be related to the university location Wildau.
  • The closing date for entries is 30 June 2019.

Suggestions for names can be sent by e-mail to kommunikation[at]  or put directly into the mailbox of the day care centre (don't forget your contact details).

Find all information about the competition in the flyer (DE):

Namenswettbewerb Kita Wildau