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A new hall of residence for Wildau!

|   Housing

On August 8th, the foundation stone for a new student residence was laid

Students of TH Wildau can look forward to more affordable living space – directly on campus!

On Thursday, 8 August, in the presence of Dr. Martina Münch - Minister for Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg - the foundation stone for a new student residence was laid. The building is expected to be completed in the winter semester 2020/21 and will accommodate 117 students.

The four-storey residential complex will be home to 39 one-room apartments and 16 one-room apartments with double occupancy. The monthly rent will not exceed the current BAföG-Wohnpauschale of 325 €.

The 9.5 million Euro project was fully financed by the state of Brandenburg.

New hall of residence in Wildau
View from Campus
Laying of the foundation stone