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Behind the scenes of our canteens

|   Food

In April and June our canteens in Golm, am Griebnitzsee and am Neuen Palais give insights into their work

Those who would like to know what a typical work day for our staff
behind the food counter looks like will soon have the opportunity to do so.

During six canteen tours in April and June, the  managers of our canteens
offer interested students and university members a glimpse behind the scenes.

Questions are more than welcome!

The guided tours start at 9.00 a.m. and last about 30 minutes.

Registrations are accepted by the health management of the University of Potsdam.
The dates for the winter semester are already available on the website.

Canteen tours in the summer semester:

Mensa Am Neuen Palais: Fri., 12.04.2019 | Wed., 05.06.2019

Mensa Golm: Wed., 24.04.2019 | Wed., 12.06.2019

Mensa Griebnitzsee: Wed., 12.04.2019 | Wed., 26.06.2019

Mensaleiterin bei der Arbeit in der Küche in der Mensa Griebnitzsee
[Translate to Englisch:] Hinter den Kulissen in der Mensa Griebnitzsee (Foto: Michaela Schinköth)