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Mensatandem - two places, two kitchens

|   Food

In May, Studentenwerk Potsdam will serve regional dishes in Marburg. In June, our canteen guests in Griebnitzsee can look forward to Hessian cuisine.

As part of Aktion Tandem - Studentenwerke im Dialog - Studentenwerk Potsdam will be visiting Marburg from 14 to 16 May to serve Brandenburg country cuisine the way Fontane would have liked it.

In return, Studentenwerk Marburg will be cooking for our Mensa Griebnitzsee from June 4 – 6. What’s on the menu? Marburg fairytale dishes!

The Studentenwerk Potsdam has been participating in the Mensatandem since 2004. In the past, we had been on culinary exchanges with Dresden, Rostock, Chemnitz-Zwickau and Munich.

Together with our colleagues from Marburg, we look forward to expanding our culinary and cultural horizons!

What's on the menu? Find out here (DE)!

Dishes served in Marburg
Dishes served in Potsdam

Studentenwerk Potsdam in Marburg: We are looking forward to be serving our hosts specialities from Brandenburg!