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Nationwide Day of action ‘‘Kopf braucht Dach’’ on 19.09.2018

|   Housing

Studentenwerk Potsdam is supporting the campaign for more affordable housing

The Studentenwerk Potsdam is participating at the nationwide day of action ‘’Kopf braucht Dach’’ with all Studentenwerke in Germany. Together we are spreading awareness on the difficult housing situations for students in the university cities for the winter semester of 2018/2019 and are demanding the government on a federal, provincial and municipal level for more support.

With the campaign ‘’Kopf braucht Dach’’ the Studentenwerke are demanding more support from the government in building new and renovating old student dormitories. Especially the students are invited to the campaigns website, to sign the petition for more affordable housing. ‘’We need the students as multipliers and supporters’’, says the managing Director of the Studentenwerk Potsdam, Peter Heiß. ‘’Help us to put more pressure on the government!’’

Kampagne "Kopf braucht Dach"
Kampagne "Kopf braucht Dach"