New BAföG digital app now available for download

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Changes to the application procedure: BundID account with online ID function will be necessary in future

For some time now, it has been possible to apply for BAföG online via the BAföGdigital website. The free BAföG Digital app, which was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), is now also available. Users can use their cell phone or tablet to send documents relating to their existing BAföG application to the relevant office and view the processing status of the application. Important for using the upload function: An application must have been started or submitted via BAföG Digital.

The BAföG Digital app also includes a BAföG calculator. It can be used to roughly estimate the likely amount of the BAföG after answering a few questions.

There are some new features to the BAföG Digital online portal and the use of the new app:

  • Important: The BAföGdirekt app previously used in Brandenburg is no longer available. Documents uploaded via the old app version will not reach the BAföG office.
  • In contrast to the BAföGdirekt app, the new BAföG Digital app can only be used to upload documents if the application was previously submitted on BAföG Digital. The option of submitting documents digitally is therefore no longer available for students who have submitted their application in person or by post.
  • Are you using BAföG digital for the first time? Up to now, you have registered using a user name and password. The registration procedure will be changed in the course of March 2024. From then on, this must be done via BundID.

Do you have questions about the BAföG application? Then please contact the BAföG consultants during personal and telephone consultation hours.