Newly planted fruit trees at the Stahnsdorfer Straße

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Student sustainability project aims at saving bees through Urban Gardening

Soon, students in the Stahnsdorfer Straße residential complex can look forward to fresh plums, pears and cherries!

Last Friday, 7 fruit trees were planted on the grounds of the residential complex Stahnsdorfer Straße under the patronage of UniSolar Potsdam e.V. of the University of Potsdam. The student sustainability project led by SiNC (Studentische Initiativen für einen nachhaltigen Campus) aims at protecting bees through Urban Gardening.

The first trees will already bear fruit next year. For bees, the fruit tree blossoms are a valuable nectar source. For the weekly care of the plum, cherry and pear trees SiNC is still looking for enthusiastic volunteers, who enjoy Urban Gardening.

Specifically, they are looking for people, who volunteer to water the trees.

 If you are interested, you can get in touch with SiNC via email: sinc[at]


Newly planted pear tree at the residential complex Stahnsdorfer Straße. SiNC is still looking for volunteers to water the trees.