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Board meeting 2019

|   Studentenwerk

Fixed dates for 2019

The Board of Directors advises and decides on affairs of fundamental importance for the Studentenwerk, unless other is determined by law or the statutes of Studentenwerk.

Students who want to have a cultural or social project funded by Studentenwerk Potsdam have to submit a project application.

In the board meeting, the board of directors makes decisions about projects with an application volume of more than 1,500 Euros. Below this limit the decision lies within the management of Studentenwerk.

Next meeting of the Administrative Council of Studentenwerk Potsdam:

25.02.2019 (Submission deadline for student-project applications: 14.01.2019)

17.06.2019 (Submission deadline for student-project applications: 06.05.2019)

25.11.2019 (Submission deadline for student-project applications: 14.10.2019)