There is no „Tag der freien Vergabe“ this year

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All dormitory places are already rented or in the leasing process

In recent years, the "Tag der freien Vergabe" has been an opportunity for students looking for housing to get one of the last dormitory places in Potsdam, Wildau or Brandenburg an der Havel. For this purpose, the Studentenwerk Potsdam was able to provide a two- to three-digit number of remaining places each year - this year, there will not be a "Tag der freien Vergabe" due to the large number of applications.

For the winter semester 2023/24, 3,740 online applications for a dormitory place have been received so far (as of 13.09.2023) - that makes an increase of 8% compared to the previous year. Once again, a new high. By mid-September, all dormitory places have already been rented or are in the process of being let. Currently, about 1,000 students are still registered in our database as looking for a place.

Students who have not been able to get a place in a residence hall are advised to look around on the local housing market, especially at municipal societies and cooperatives or private providers of micro-apartments as well as internet platforms such as WG-Gesucht. But we know: Even here, finding housing is difficult due to high demand and rising rents.

Currently, the Studentenwerk is organizing some temporary emergency sleeping places for students eligible for housing. The plan is for example to set up beds in common rooms of the dormitories. These are to be provided mainly in the first half of October. Requests for this can be made by e-mail and with the subject "Schlafplatz auf Zeit".

Many of our students living in one of our dormitory residents (in single apartments) also show initiative and temporarily take in their rooms fellow students looking for a home. Such a temporary shelter must be registered with us (necessary for registration are the certificate of study and proof of identification) and approved by us in advance and costs 80 € per month. This covers the additional operating costs.

All those who would like to apply for a dormitory place for the summer semester 2024 can fill out the application form on our homepage from October 9, 2023.

Here you can find an overview with alternative housing providers.