Price adjustments in the canteens, cafeterias and adjustment of the dormitory rents

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Increase in prices made unavoidable by rising costs for food and higher operation costs in residence halls.

The offers of the Studentenwerk are not spared by the omnipresent inflation: the consequences are price adjustments in our canteens and cafeterias as well as adjustments of the rents in the residence halls.

As of September 1, new prices will apply in the canteens and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Potsdam. The reason for the price increase is the recent sharp rise in purchasing and energy costs. The Studentenwerk partially compensates for the deficit from financial reserves, but cannot avoid passing on some of the negative price developments to its guests. While deciding on the new prices, care was taken to ensure that students will continue to be able to get a warm meal during lunchtime for less than €2. The most affordable meal is now available for €1.90, while the most expensive meal now costs €3.50. Guests and university members pay between €3.80 and €5.50 for a meal in the canteen. Moreover, the prices in the cafeteria and for beverages had to be raised, too.


In order to be able to continue providing a reliable offer, the order of the menu was also adjusted. Having experienced supply bottlenecks, it was changed to be more flexible. This means that the meals offered across all our canteens are no longer uniform every day, but are offered on different days at different locations. Changes at short notice are also possible. Nevertheless, we try to ensure the greatest possible variety in all price categories.

Operating costs in the residence halls have also been significant in recent years. Especially in the area of maintenance work and cleaning, prices have risen. Starting this winter semester 2022/23, both new and existing tenants will pay €30 more rent for their place in the dormitory. The planned rent already includes all operating costs for energy, maintenance and other services. There will be no individual billing in the form of a service charge statement. The advantage: Residents do not have to worry about additional payments and have financial planning security. The average price for a place in a hall of residence is €285.

There are no plans to increase the Studentenwerk contribution fee for the winter semester 2022/23. Currently the contribution fee is €50 per semester.

We are aware that students often rely on a very small budget, and so we are doing everything we can to make the price adjustments as socially acceptable as possible and in a careful way. The Studentenwerk Potsdam operates on a non-profit basis and pursues first and foremost the mission of providing economic and social support for student.

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