Soon there will be a residence hall in the city center of Potsdam

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There will be a place to live for 80 students

Things are moving forward in the city center of Potsdam: For the planned residence hall that will be built east of the Bildungsforum, 13 design concepts were submitted and evaluated by an independent committee. The winner is "WGA ZT GmbH Wien und Berlin". The winning design was convincing with a clear architectural solution that both fully takes into account the special requirements of student housing and meets the special requirements of the historic city center.

This project brings student life back to the city center of Potsdam. The building will be designed with a glass foyer and a lounge area, so it will be clear that students are living there. The concept for the residence hall is based on three principles in all functional, technical and design components, namely living quality, sustainability and clarity. The five-story barrier-free building is designed for 58 units, including 44 single-room apartments. In order to increase the quality for the students in the inner courtyard, in addition to some trees, a terrace as well as seating options are planned. In addition, a green facade is planned for the courtyard-side facade.

The project of the Studentenwerk Potsdam can be realized thanks to funding from the state of Brandenburg. Half of the 8 million euros earmarked for the construction of the residence hall complex will be provided as a grant and half as a loan to the Studentenwerk Potsdam. Once the building permit process has been completed, construction is scheduled to begin in December 2024; completion of at least 80 residential places is planned for the winter semester of 2027/2028.

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How the residence hall will look like (Copyright: WGA ZT GmbH)
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Proposal for a facade of the new residence hall (Copyright: Bollinger + Fehlig Architekten GmbH, visual by Studio Zeyneb Oba)
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Another proposal for the new residence hall (Copyright: swp schäferwenningerprojekt gmbh Berlin)