Results of the survey of canteens and cafeterias

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People are satisfied with the canteen and cafeterias overall, but there is also a need for optimization.

The canteens of the Studentenwerk produce up to 6,500 meals a day. In June 2023, students and staff were asked whether they liked the food and whether the range and variety on offer in the canteens and cafeterias met their expectations. The focus was on the quality of the service, range and rooms of the canteens and cafeterias in Potsdam, Wildau and Brandenburg an der Havel.

In total, the anonymous responses of 4,536 participants were evaluated, 80% of whom were students and 19% university employees. The survey could be conducted in German or English.

Of those surveyed, 26% said they were vegan or vegetarian, 30% described themselves as meat lovers and 42% as flexitarians. The proportion of vegetarians and vegans is slightly higher among students than among employees. The proportion of meat-free diets decreases with increasing age.

Satisfaction with the offer, service and rooms

Overall, satisfaction with the offer is good. From the survey participants' point of view, there is room for improvement in the composition of the dishes, the variety of the food selection, the size of the portions and the price-performance ratio.

All canteen and cafeteria facilities of the Studentenwerk Potsdam achieve a high level of satisfaction with the service. From the respondents' point of view, the opening hours could be optimized.

All facilities achieved a good rating in the rooms category. Participants would like more seating for larger groups and workstations.

Eating habits

At 42%, flexitarians make up the largest proportion of all participants. A vegan-vegetarian diet is exclusively or partially the preferred diet for the vast majority. This roughly corresponds to the current range on offer in the canteens (65% vegan-vegetarian selection, 35% fish and meat dishes).

Use of the canteens and cafeterias facilities

Around half (53%) of all participants visit the canteens and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Potsdam on a regular basis. A further 44% are sporadic guests. The proportion of regulars is higher among students than among staff. For sporadic guests, the main reasons for their infrequent use of the canteens and cafeterias are a lack of presence times at the university, a lack of time and a lack of suitability of the offer to eating habits. For non-users, the price-performance ratio and a preference for self-catering also play a role.


Overall, satisfaction with the canteens and cafeterias is at a high level. The ratings of the individual facilities hardly differ. Last but not least, the survey results provided individual impulses for each of the canteens and cafeterias.

Many thanks to all students and staff for their participation and valuable feedback. Congratulations to all those who won a canteen voucher as part of the survey.

You can find the detailed results of the survey here (available in german only).