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Sans Souci – Study Without Worries!

|   Studentenwerk

Our brochure for 1st year students will tell you how

How do I find an affordable accommodation? Who helps me with the paperwork and is there for me when I feel lost? How do I finance my studies? Where can I have a healthy and inexpensive lunch?

All these are important questions that inevitably arise at the beginning of your first year as a student – especially when you study abroad. The answers, however, cannot be found in the lecture halls.
That's why we have developed a brochure for first year students in Potsdam, Brandenburg an der Havel and Wildau.

In "Sans Souci - Studieren ohne Sorgen" we have compiled the most important information when it comes to starting your studies. – There is also a section in English for international students!

Sans Souci – Studieren ohne Sorgen