Lunch in our canteens and cafeterias during the pandemic

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Information on opening hours and current hygiene instructions

All of our canteens are back for you! We are also extending our opening hours and are back with a breakfast offer. You can have lunch on site and to take away. We charge 30 cents for packaging. Alternatively, you can bring your own container - this way you save money and the environment. Please note: You are required to wear medical masks when entering our canteens.

Opening Hours

Mensa Am Neuen Palais - from November 1: Mon - Fri | 8 am - 3 pm
Mensa Golm - from October 25:
Mon - Fri | 8 am - 3 pm
Mensa Filmuniversität - from November 1:
Mon - Fri | 8 am - 3 pm
Mensa Griebnitzsee - from October 25: Mon - Fri | 8 am - 3 pm
Mensa Kiepenheuerallee - from November 1:  Mon - Fri | 8 am - 3 pm
Mensa Brandenburg - from October 25: Mon - Fri| 8 am - 3 pm
Mensa Wildau - from November 1:  Mon - Fri | 8 am - 3 pm

Hygiene Instructions

For the protection of our guests and staff, we adhere to strict hygiene regulations and have adapted our work processes. Therefore, please note the following information so that you can enjoy your lunch break:

  1. Please plan a little more time for your lunch break at the moment.
  2. Only use the marked entrances and exits and only use the marked walking paths in our facilities.
  3. Wear a medical mask during your stay.
  4. Please disinfect your hands at the dispensers in the entrance area before entering our facilities.
  5. Keep a safety distance of 1.5 metres.
  6. Only use the designated seating areas.
  7. Pay cashlessly with your university card.
  8. Please do not move furniture.
  9. For infection protection reasons, we will pack and label all snacks for you. Please decide which product you would like to purchase before touching the food.
  10. Please dispose of used napkins and plastic waste in the designated containers at the dish return.

Why are our cafeterias still closed?

We have received an increasing number of questions about the opening of our cafeterias. We understand the longing for a quick coffee in between meals or a sandwich without a long wait in the lunch line. And yet, unfortunately, we can't make openings happen at this time.

There are reasons for this:


  1. Personnel resources
    Our Mensa staff has been on short-time working since April 2020. This arrangement has allowed us to respond flexibly to the unpredictable pandemic and adjust staffing needs as needed. This helps us to maintain the positions. Nevertheless, no regular positions that have expired can be refilled under this arrangement. So, overall, we have fewer staff than we did before the pandemic.
  2. Economic efficiency
    As an institution under public law, we are financed on the one hand by semester contributions from students and state funds, and on the other hand we generate income from our services. Every opening of a cafeteria or Mensa must be in economic proportion. Do we make a loss at the end of the day? That is a key question we are currently facing. Since the campus is now fuller, but still has not returned to its old life, we have decided to bundle all offerings in the canteens so as not to make a loss at the end of the day.
  3. Technical constraints
    We look for medium-term solutions in all the decisions we make in these dynamic times. It is a tremendous effort to close a facility, but also to reopen it. Sometimes equipment is broken or needs maintenance. But the necessary service providers or spare parts are not readily available. Some things therefore take longer than we would like.
  4. The pandemic situation
    The situation remains unpredictable and we are still far from normal operations. In some facilities, we are using the cafeterias for additional seating during the lunch period in order to be able to provide a little more capacity in accordance with spacing requirements. The implementation of well-established hygiene regulations also ties up staff.

And now? Stop by the Mensa! The opening hours have recently been extended. In addition to lunch, you can also have breakfast and a snack in between. As far as possible, we are trying to bring the cafeterias back into permanent operation as soon as possible. However, a full-scale reopening before the summer semester of 2022 currently seems unlikely.