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Welcome back to our canteens and cafeterias!

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Mensa Golm will re-open on 12.05. – more catering facilities are to follow

Good news for our canteen guests: From 12 May 2020 we will gradually reopen our catering facilities. We offer our meals to take away an there will also be marked seating areas. In addition to cakes and snacks such as sandwiches, which we prepare freshly for you on request, there will initially be two warm lunch dishes to choose from.

The following canteens and cafeterias are going to open first:

12.05.2020: Mensa Golm, 9 am – 2 pm
18.05.2020: Mensa Brandenburg & Cafeteria am Neuen Palais

We are looking forward to welcoming you again soon in our catering facilities!For your own health and safety we ask you to follow these rules of conduct:

  1. Only use the marked entrances and exits.
  2. Pay cashlessly with your student ID.
  3. Keep a safety distance of 1.5 metres. Only use the marked walking paths in our facilities.
  4. Please disinfect your hands at the dispensers in the entrance area before entering our facilities.
  5. Wear a mouth and nose protection during your stay.
  6. Only use the designated seating areas.
  7. For infection protection reasons, we will pack and label all snacks for you. Please decide which product you would like to purchase before touching the food.
  8. Please help yourself to fresh drinks from our cooling shelf. Our beverage dispensers will remain closed for the time being.
  9. All coffee stations are staff operated. Please bring a clean (disposable) cup, which fits under the filler neck (maximum 300 ml).
  10. Trays and cutlery are available directly at the food counters.
  11. Please dispose of used napkins and plastic waste in the designated containers at the dish return.