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Update: How You can Finance Your Studies during the Corona Pandemic

|   BAföG & Finances

Corona-related extension of the standard period of study in BAföG / one-time assistance of 300 € possible again

Standard period of study & BAföG

The state of Brandenburg is planning an amendment to the Higher Education Act. This should enable students to extend their individual standard period of study in an unbureaucratic and simple way. In addition, the maximum duration of support according to BAföG is to be extended by one semester.

Nevertheless, students should submit their follow-up application now! Applications for BAföG for the winter semester 2020/2021 that have already been submitted and that would benefit from the new regulations will be deferred by the administrative staff in the notification until the change is expected to come into force at the end of September. 

One-time assistance of 300 €
The Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (MWFK) of the State of Brandenburg announced on 17.07.2020 that it would increase the hardship funds of the Brandenburg student unions with a total of € 500,000. Students can receive one-time assistance as a grant of 300 €. Further information on the application procedure will follow.