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World Vegan Day 1 November 2019

|   Food

Plant-based meals in our canteens and cafeterias

How can you outsmart the midday low? Well, for example with beetroot fritters and lentil soup! That’s correct: A purely plant-based lunch will provide you with the energy needed to tackle the rest oft he day, but without leaving you feel bloated.

Plant-Based diets are becoming increasingly popular – a trend that we like to address in our menues.

A lot has happened since we first introduced the a vegetarian offer in our menu in 1994 (back then, we called it "alternative").

A lunch that consists of plant-based components only? Since 2011, students can put together a vegan meal by selecting from our plant-based side dishes and only get charged the price of our affordable offer I.

Since 2016, each of our canteens offers at least one vegan main course (either Essen I or Essen IV). Vegan soups and individually combinable salads complete our offer, so that we can meet the diverse demands of our guests – whether they prefer a vegan, vegetarian or mixed diet.

But sometimes, you just don’t have time for a whole meal. In these cases our cafeterias have something for everyone. In addition to soy milk and oat milk for coffee breaks, we prepare hearty and sweet vegan snacks every day.

The decision as to whether it should be a vegan brownie or a vegetable wrap on World Vegan Day, however, we cannot make for you...

Enjoy your (vegan) meal on November 1st!

Find out what is served on World Vegan Day here: