Winter salad buffet with seasonal fruit and vegetables

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Special offer in most of the canteens from 30.1. to 1.2.

Winter is coming on the salad buffets in the canteens in Potsdam and Brandenburg an der Havel. From January 30 to February 1 the usual salad ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumber, peppers etc. aren’t available – instead you can expect seasonal ingredients. With this special offer, the Studentenwerk Potsdam wants to draw attention to the many ways in which seasonal and regional products can be used.

On these three days, our canteen guests can put together salads from individual components such as seasonal salad, carrots, white cabbage and red cabbage. In addition, whole salad compositions such as beet salad with apples and onions, white cabbage and carrot salad, red cabbage salad with oranges, black lentil salad with brunoise or potato and radish salad with chives are also on offer. Various dressings, oils, spices, cheese and nuts are available as toppings.

The Studentenwerk Potsdam also puts great importance to regional products as part of this special offer. The delivery partners work with fruit and vegetable producers from the region and throughout Germany. Depending on the season, fruit and vegetables are sourced from the state of Brandenburg.

General information about the salad bars in the canteens
We currently offer a fresh and varied salad buffet in almost all our canteens from Tuesday to Thursday. Due to late deliveries, a salad buffet is not possible on Mondays. On Fridays we deliberately do not offer a salad buffet in the interests of sustainability. This means that leftover salad does not have to be disposed of before the weekend.