The BAföG grant period ends: Submit the follow-up application

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Easy and convenient to do online via the BAföGdigital platform.

Those who receive Bafög should know: As a rule, a decision on the application is made for 12 months. This is the approval period (Bewilligungszeitraum). In order to receive state support beyond this period and without a gap, students must submit a follow-up application (Folgeantrag) in good time – best two months before the approval period ends.

If you submitted your first application in the winter semester (in September or October, depending on the university), you should submit your follow-up application in July. Those who sent in their first application for the summer semester (March or April) should do so in January.

There are three ways to submit the application:

1. Submit a follow-up application online via the BAföGdigital platform:

It is easy and convenient to submit the application online on the BAföGdigital platform (only in German). Students who have submitted their initial application there and have agreed to the long-term storage of their application can also submit the follow-up application there. They go to the user area and click on the button "Folgeantrag stellen". After confirmation, the saved data will be transferred.

2. Submit the follow-up application on paper using the short application form "Form 9":

If you did not agree to the long-term storage on BAföGdigital or did not use the platform for the first application, you can submit the follow-up application in paper form with the short application form "Form 9". The forms are available for download at our headquarters near the main station and on our website. Please note, that the forms are only available in German.  

These requirements should be met:

  • The initial application should have been submitted to the Studentenwerk Potsdam.
  • There are no changes compared to the initial application.

In addition to the application, further documents must be submitted. These can also be uploaded via the app BAföGdirekt:

  • Current certificate of enrolment (with details of the university and subject semester) or Form 2.
  • Form 3 of the parents as well as the income documents of the parents for 2021. If the last notification contains a parent-independent grant, then indicate the income of the spouse or registered partner, if applicable.
  • Form 4 for students with their own children
  • Landlord's certificate or an excerpt from the rental agreement (pages with tenant, rental address, start of tenancy and signature of the rental agreement) for students who have moved house and no longer live with their parents.
  • health insurance certificate and long-term care insurance certificate for students who – unlike in the initial application – pay contributions themselves.
  • certificate of achievement for students applying for funding for the 5th semester (state ECTS or complete Form 5).

3. Submit a new application via the BAFÖGdigital platform:

If the financial situation has changed compared to the initial application (e.g. more assets or higher parental income), students must submit a new application. This can be done easily and conveniently online on the BAföGdigital platform: Register, answer the questions on the application, upload the necessary supporting documents and send it off. During the application process, there are additional explanations of the required information and further information. 

Tip: It is sufficient to send the application together with the documents one way. If the application has been submitted online, it does not have to be submitted in paper form.