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Financial Support for Students

Did you know? 76 percent of all students in Germany finance their studies at least to some extent with a part-time job. Students who, receive BAföG benefits are allowed to earn up to 450 euros per month from a part-time job without this being counted towards their funding. Our student job placement service will help you find the right job.

You need more information on financial support for students?
Our social counsellor is there to help!

However, your finances are not always secured until the successful completion of your studies: If you would like to study but are not entitled to BAföG and do not have any additional income, there are other forms of assistance available.

Here we provide information about long-term options for financing studies, but also about (one-time) assistance in emergency situations.

Only the students with the best grades receive a scholarship? That is not true! Students who do volunteer work as well as others can be eligible for scholarships, too.

In its Scholarship Database (EN | DE) the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) lists all possible sponsors for international students. Also: Find more information about grants and scholarships for international students on the website of Deutsches Studierendenwerk (EN | DE).


Hardship Loan
Students in a financial emergency situation can apply for an interest-free hardship loan from us. If BAföG payments temporarily cease for reasons for which you are not responsible - for example, until approval of your BAföG application - the loan can be applied for to bridge the gap and will then be offset against the next BAföG payment.

Please note:
You can also apply in other cases, however, we need proof of the financial emergency situation within your application. A maximum of up to 500 euros will be paid out. The payment modalities - whether one-time payment of the total amount or distribution of the amount over several months - are specified in the loan agreement. The same applies to the repayment of the loan, which starts three months after the payment.

Contact: bafoeg[at]

Loan for Students, Who Are in the Process of Graduating
Making ends meet financially, but you are not or no longer entitled to BAföGt? Students who are in financial need during the final phase of their studies and have no other means of financing their living expenses can apply for a "Studienabschlussdarlehen" from us.

Please note:

  • Apply in good time! This ensures payment from the beginning of the penultimate semester.
  • A guarantee ("Bürgschaft") is required for the loan to be granted.
  •  PhD students etc. are not eligible for this type of loan.
  • The loan will not be granted if your living expenses can be secured in another way

Contact: bafoeg[at]

Students in a financial emergency situation can apply for a one-time assistance from our emergency fund. This is a one-time grant of a maximum of 300 euros.
Please note:

  • The emergency situation must be proven in the application.
  • The one-time aid is not possible in combination with other aid, e.g. bridging aid. For example, someone who receives bridging assistance for the month of January cannot apply for one-time assistance from us.

Application for One-Time Assistance:
Before applying, please read our policy (DE)
Please complete the application for one-time financial aid (EN) and e-mail us: einmalhilfe[at]

Along with your application we need:

  • A Copy of identity card or passport
  • A Certificate of study for the current semester
  • Bank statements for the last two months (retroactive from the day of application)
  • Proof of all accounts - also online accounts (Visa, PayPal, ... with current balance)

Do you have questions about the one-time assistance? Our social counsellor will help you: soziales[at]

Only few international students are eligible for these loans: "Bildungskredit" and "KfW-Studienkredit". The Bildungskredit is intended for students in an advanced stage of their education and is paid for a maximum of 2 years (max. 300€ per month). Students who do not receive BAföG benefits (anymore) have the possibility to apply for the KfW-Studienkredit.The maximum payment amount is 650 euros per month. Important: The loan is only available to students in their 10th semester or less. Interest rates are not insignificant and currently amount to almost 8%. Against this background, you should carefully consider whether taking out a student loan is the best choice and no other financing option is available. Applications can only be made online. Information on the KfW student loan and application


As an international student, you may be eligible if:

  • you are an EU-citizen, who has been living in Germany for at least three years and who is registered here
  • you are related to a German or an EU-Citizen and live with them at a registerd address in Germany
  • you have a German university entrance qualification through a German school leaving certificate

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