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Are you feeling distressed?

Our psychosocial counselling service is free of charge and confidential

Whether you have worries during your studies or private problems - we support you in difficult life situations. Our consultants are there for you and also inform you about the possibilities of therapeutic support.

In which cases do we offer help?

  • Difficulties associated with studying (fear of speaking in public or exam anxiety, writer’s block, procrastination, withdrawal from studies etc.)
  • States of anxiety, depressive moods, problems caused by low self-esteem
  • Partnership conflicts, difficult family situations
  • Psychosomatic complaints, eating disorders
  • Contact and relationship problems (social isolation, problems with friends and fellow students)
  • Addictions (drugs, alcohol, media)
  • Financial worries
  • Current crisis (loss of and separation from an important person, suicidal thoughts, experience of violence)


Josephine Zimmermann
Psychosocial Counselling Service
room: 4.76
+49 331 3706-252
Babelsberger Straße 2