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From the purchasing stage on, we endeavour to buy fresh, regional and, as far as possible, seasonal food. This is why we managed to maintain many supply relationships with regional distributors over the past years.

  • We buy selected milk products for our cafeterias from a medium-sized dairy farm in the Uckermark region.
  • Our cafeterias use free-range eggs from the region of Beelitz for their breakfast specials and their home-baked cakes.
  • We mainly purchase seasonal and regional vegetables and fruit (such as potatoes, asparagus, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, salads and peppers) from local distributors to avoid long transport routes and to guarantee freshness.

  • The pasta manufacture located in Beelitz produces vegetarian and vegan pasta for us.
  • We label ingredients in our products that come from food producers within a maximum radius of 200 kilometers with our regional logo.
  • We offer game dishes based on seasonal availability. For this purpose, the Fläming game trade from Treuenbrietzen supplies us with game that comes from the forests of Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt.
  • We receive fresh pastry goods from bakeries located in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.
  • Our main suppliers for prepared meat products are located in the state of Brandenburg or adjoining states.
  • The fish offered in our canteens and cafeterias comes exclusively from sustainable fisheries and controlled breeding.

In our canteens all dishes are freshly cooked and served during our opening hours. The warm and cold snacks in the cafeterias are also prepared exclusively by our employees. To manage this, a variety of processed food is being delivered to our facilities. Only a few of these products are of the convenience level "precooked or ready-to-eat”.


During the semester, a vegan dish is available from Monday to Thursday in the canteen Am Neuen Palais. In the canteens Golm and Griebnitzsee you can choose a vegan pasta dish from the pasta bar from Monday to Thursday. The canteens of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Wildau and Brandenburg an der Havel provide a vegan alternative several times a week in the offers I, II or IV. Many food components are made from purely plant-based ingredients to enable you to compose a vegan meal.

The cafeterias offer a vegan alternative to refine your coffee. The selection of snacks include rolls and sandwiches with vegan ingredients.

Note: The vegan offers are marked with the symbol of a "sunflower" on our internet-menu, on the screens in our canteens or by signs displayed next to the vegan dish.



We offer at least one vegetarian meal per day in our canteens. Moreover, you will find a variety of vegetarian components in our salad bars as well as our soups of the day and desserts. We take care that our recipes do not include ingredients and additives of animal origin, such as the food colouring cochineal carmine and natural rennet in cheese or gelatine used for the preparation of yoghurt.

Note: The vegetarian offers are marked with the symbol of a "corncob" on our internet-menu and on the screens in our canteens.

We, as the Studentenwerk Potsdam have the social mandate to provide fresh and affordable food for students. We can achieve this because part of the costs are subsidised by the state of Brandenburg and by your contributions to the Studentenwerk.

If you are not a student, you can purchase meals at our canteens at guest meal prices.

We prepare these delicious wok and grill dishes before the very eyes of the guests. The ingredients are steamed and grilled only shortly before serving, which enable the fresh and flavouring components to stand out. This naturally adds up to increased product and personnel costs.

Of course we disclose all allergenic ingredients and food additives to our guests. You can find them on the screens in our canteens or on the printout of our offers. The corresponding explanations can be found in the legends, which are displayed in our facilities. Our website offers explanations via the corresponding abbreviation. If you have any questions on the ingredients, please do not hesitate to ask our employees in the canteens and cafeterias directly.

Note: We cook and label our dishes very carefully. Nevertheless, in large kitchens it is possible that during the production process ingredients may be mixed with other ingredients. This is why we cannot entirely exclude that the labelled food contains no other ingredients.

You can quickly and comfortably pay with your student- or staff-ID card. Simply charge it at the charging station in the canteen via EC-card or cash and pay without having to wait at the cashless check-out. Of course you can also charge your card with cash at the check-out. The public floor plans show the location of the charging stations.
Information for employees of the University of Potsdam: Your staff-ID card is not an intercard chip card with payment function. Would you also like to make cashless payments? There is a terminal in the canteen Kiepenheuerallee where you can obtain an Intercard chip card. You can then top up your card at any PUCK revaluator near you.

Some of the canteens prepare lunch for the children of students every day and deliver it to the childminders as well as to the nurseries close by the university locations.

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