Dormitory place wanted? Apply here online!

Your studies are about to begin and you are still looking for affordable student housing? Apply with us as early as possible – even if you have not yet received an admission letter from your university!

How do I get a dormitory place?

1. Are you eligible for student housing?
You can find out if you are eligible in our procurement directive.

2. Apply online
Please note: Your application is only valid for the semester you are applying for! If you have not been lucky the first time and are still looking for a place in one of our residential halls by the next semester, you must submit a new application.

Application for the summer semester 2024: from 09.10.23, 9am

Application for the winter semester 24/25: at the beginning of April 2024

3. Keep confirmation e-mail
We will check if you are eligible for student housing and then send you a confirmation by e-mail. Please keep this e-mail – it contains your application number, which you need to refer to when writing to us.

4. Send us your enrolment certificate or your letter of admission
You are officially enrolled in one oft he following universities? Congratulations! Please send us your enrolment certificate or your letter of admission in response to the confirmation e-mail.

5. You have received a housing offer from us? Confirm immediately!
You have received an offer for a place in one of our halls of residence? Please confirm by e-mail, stating the rental number. We cannot consider replies after the date given in the offer.

6. Sign rental contract, pay deposit & grant direct debit authorization

Rental agreement:
With our offer, we will name you a date when you need to sign your rental agreement.  The rental agreement must be signed in person at our office. You can come by during office hours. Our offer is no longer binding after expiry of the period specified in our offer.

Before you sign the rental agreement, we charge a reservation fee (deposit) of 300 Euro.
Please transfer the reservation fee to the following account:

Landesbank Berlin
Account holder: Studentenwerk Potsdam
IBAN: EN90 1005 0000 6607 0192 83
Reason for payment: Reservierungsgebühr, [your reservation number], [first and last name of tenant]

In exceptional cases you can also pay the deposit directly into our cash desk on the day of signing the contract.

Direct debit authorization (SEPA):
Please fill out the direct debit authorization form and bring it along when signing the rental agreement. The rent payments are made by direct debit according to the General Terms and Conditions of Rental.

7. What else do you need to know?

  • Apply for a dorm place as early as possible – even if you have not yet been admitted! This will increase your chances.
  • Due to the high demand, we cannot always reply immediately, sometimes we are not available by telephone. We thank you for your understanding!
  • Read our most frequently asked questions (FAQ).


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You want to move into another hall of residence?
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