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Studying in Germany

The Studentenwerk Potsdam welcomes all international students!

Studying in a foreign country is very exciting and filled with challenges. We would like to make your arrival in Potsdam, Brandenburg an der Havel and Wildau easier, so that you can fully concentrate on your studies.

We offer

  • We offer affordable student living space. Our dormitories with furnished rooms are located near the universities.
  • Our resident tutors make it easier for you to settle in the residential complexes and   organize events for the students living there.

We have a variety of food in our canteens and cafeterias. Our dishes are marked with symbols for vegetarian and vegan dishes. The symbols will also indicate if pork, beef, poultry or alcohol is included.

  • Our psychotherapist advises you in German and English on difficulties in your studies and any personal problems.
  • Our social counselor will help you with questions concerning study organization and student financing, studying with a child and studying with a disability. We also provide help in financial emergencies.

Who to contact first?

The Studentenwerk Potsdam is your contact for questions about student life.
Do you have any questions about your course?
The International Office of your university will be there to help you.


You can find an overview of important websites for international students here.