Fresh & varied

We want you to be delighted every day

Healthy lunch, fresh salads, pasta dishes or cold snacks: In our catering facilities you will find whatever you need. Our canteens offer at least four balanced dishes per day to choose from. Our team freshly prepares them on site every day. The soup of the day and the partly regional and seasonal salad buffet are just right, if you feel a little hungry. Moreover, our canteens located in Brandenburg an der Havel and in the Kiepenheuerallee in Potsdam are equipped with front-cooking-areas (link), where your food is prepared freshly before your very eyes. In summer, we have barbecues in the outdoor areas. 

In our cafeterias, you can choose from various hot and cold snacks. The Cafeteria Am Neuen Palais also offers an extensive salad buffet, a freshly prepared lunch as well as homemade smoothies.

No matter if you feel very or just a little hungry, if you are longing for coffee or if you have a sugar craving: Our catering facilities are open all day and our teams are happy to take care of your culinary needs. Even at the stage of purchasing, we focus on sustainability.

From the purchasing stage on, we endeavour to buy fresh, regional and, as far as possible, seasonal food. This is why we managed to maintain many supply relationships with regional distributors over the past years.

  • We buy selected milk products for our cafeterias from a medium-sized dairy farm in the Uckermark region.
  • Our cafeterias use free-range eggs from the region of Beelitz for their breakfast specials and their home-baked cakes.
  • We mainly purchase seasonal and regional vegetables and fruit (such as potatoes, asparagus, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, salads and peppers) from local distributors to avoid long transport routes and to guarantee freshness.
  • The pasta manufacture located in Beelitz produces vegetarian and vegan pasta for us.
  • Fair-traded products such as coffee, tea, chocolate bars as well as soft drinks are an integral part of our product range.
  • We receive fresh pastry goods from bakeries located in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.
  • The fish offered in our canteens and cafeterias comes exclusively from sustainable fisheries and controlled breeding.

Fresh, balanced and modern: Under the brand name MensaVital, we offer dishes, that are particularly low-fat and prepared in a vitamin-preserving way with natural ingredients like fresh herbs and that contain no additives. Because healthy nutrition and culinary delight are not mutually exclusive.

We gladly offer at least one vegetarian/vegan meal per day in our canteens. You will also find a variety of vegetarian/vegan components in our canteen meals, salad bars, soups of the day and our desserts.

Our Canteen Am Neuen Palais (link) offers a vegan dish on Mondays to Thursdays. As far as the recipe of the meal allows, we prepare numerous side dishes from purely plant-based ingredients to enable you to compose a vegan meal. 

We also offer vegetarian/vegan food in our cafeterias.

In cooperation with the pasta manufacturer in Beelitz, we created and produced a vegan pasta in the form of the Studentenwerk logo.

Of course we disclose all allergenic ingredients and food additives to our guests. You can find them on the screens in our canteens or on the printout of our offers. The corresponding explanations can be found in the legends, which are displayed in our catering facilities. Our website offers explanations via the corresponding abbreviation. If you have any questions on the ingredients, please don’t hesitate to ask our employees directly in the canteens and cafeterias.

Note: We cook and label our dishes very carefully. Nevertheless, in canteen kitchens it is possible that during the production process ingredients may be mixed with other ingredients. This is why we cannot entirely exclude that the labelled food contains no other ingredients.  

Food quality at a high level: This is our claim. Therefore we completely observe hygiene standards according to the generally valid HACCP principles from the moment we receive the products until we serve the meal. We regularly undergo external hygiene controls and make sure to comply with an internal quality assurance system. Our employees in the canteens and cafeterias are regularly trained and instructed with regard to all applicable regulations.