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Construction projects

We are currently building a new student residence in Golm on the campus of Potsdam University. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in July 2018. The new 308-bed residential hall for students will be completed by Winter Term 2019/20. The 17 million EUR project is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the state of Brandenburg.

Meanwhile the supplementary budget of the State of Brandenburg is decided. That means for the Studentenwerk Potsdam a full financing of another hall of residence for students near the Hochschulring in Wildau (see image on the right side) of an amount of approximately 9,5 Mio. Euro.

On the land, which lies toward the residence that was finished in 2012, the new construction can be planned from now on.

Campaign: "Kopf braucht Dach"

Around 20 million euros extra are needed for building new facilities and in addition around 15 million euros for the renovation of our existing buildings! In order to finally make this urgent demand heard, since September 2017 we have participated in the campaign "Kopf braucht Dach - Wohnraum für Studierende. Bezahlbar". (Head needs roof – living spaces for students. But affordable).’’ This campaign was started by the German Studentenwerk, in which the 58 individual Studentenwerke from all over Germany are working together as one.

Tenders VOL/VOB

Do you have questions about the tenders? Don't hesitate to ask our employees of the Studentenwerk Potsdam.

Our actual tenders you will find on the website of the Vergabemarktplatz des Landes Brandenburg.